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Affordable Benefits

Save Money on Benefits
Save Money on Benefits

Affordable Benefits has been offering health and dental plans since it started online back in 1998.

Thirteen years later we still offer that same dental discount plan for only $25 per month for the entire household. Since we began offering affordable dental benefits, we have expanded to offering discount medical plans and quotes on health insurance and medicare insurance benefits.  Take a look at the benefit plans that we offer  below.

Health Plans

We offer a variety of health care  plans to individuals,families and groups. Your current health and income will often determine the type of health plan that you purchase. Our current best selling health benefits plan is the discount health plan. For less than $50 a month a family can get access to health care along with dental,vision,prescription and chiropractic at significantly discounted rates. Learn more about affordable medical benefits at dental and health usa.

Health Insurance Benefits: When buying traditional health insurance you want to research the different plans that are available. Are you young and in relatively good health? If yes, you may want to consider a catastrophic health insurance plan. These will typically cost you less money than a full coverage health insurance plan. Check with your work to see if they have some type of employee benefits as the may have a group benefits plan at work. Consult with a registered insurance agent and get several health insurance quotes before buying health benefits.

Medicare Coverage

Every day more and more baby boomers in the USA are reaching the age where they are eligible for medicare. The original medicare program was initially introduced in the 1960s. The government still offers Senior the traditional medicare plan, but there are several private medicare plans that offer optional plans that expand medicare coverage. Our latest addition to the Affordable Benefits family is Medicare Advantage Plans.us.

A tMedicareAdvantagePlans.us those who are turning 65 years of age and those Seniors that are looking at upgrading their medicare plan, can get online medicare plan quotes from private insurance companies that offer medicare insurance plans in their state. To find the best medicare plans in your state visit Medicare Advantage Plans.us

Dental Plans

One of the most overlooked aspects to health in America is dental care. Many Americans avoid going to the Dentist because they are afraid of the costs of dental care,fear of the Dentist  or or just plain procrastination.  Avoiding the Dentist for any reason can and will be detrimental to your overall dental health. But there is cause for hope.

With it’s featured discount dental plans  our site has literally helped thousands of  plan members save on their dental visits. Because it is not insurance there are no waiting periods, no pre-existing condition clauses and no limits on dental services. Plan members are able to benefit with dental savings up to 80%. Just show the dental membership card at the time of service and pay the discounted dental fee. It’s that simple. If there is a dental emergency you can usually get in to see the Dentist the same or next day, depending on dental appointment openings.  Find out why getting a discount dental plan with Affordable Benefits will save you money by becoming a member today.