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Bill Simms is the President and CEO of Quote Guy Marketing Inc. After a 21 year federal career, Bill began marketing health and dental benefits online. Today his company owns a network of websites that provide benefits online in the USA.

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Obamacare Increasing Health Costs for Families

The biggest takeover of an industry in the US is about to take place with Obamacare and is increasing health costs for families.  Many American consumers are find the cost for their health insurance rising. In these complicated times with different health insurance plans available, it is wise to get advice from a knowledgeable Insurance Agent in your state. Health consumers of all ages are being effected by Obamacare with hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic cutting back over $300 million in it’s budget. Hospitals will receive less money and you prices for patients can only go up. See the video about the Cleveland Clinic, then read the article below and see how one Washington family is finding out they can not afford to  stay on current health insurance they have.

Hospital blames Obamacare, cutting back on their budget

Our Health Insurance Costs Nearly Doubled

thedailyherald-everett-logoMy wife and I are 65 and 64 years old, respectively. We have had private health care coverage with our insurance company for many years. Over the last five years we had to repeatedly increase our deductibles and co-pays to try to maintain some stability to our costs. My wife does go on Medicare next month and we purchased a supplemental Medicare advantage plan to protect our family from any catastrophic expenses. We are both on Social Security now and have a comfortable fixed income.

We currently pay $326 per month for my insurance (with a $7,500 deductible) but was informed that this plan will be discontinued at the end of this year, being replaced with a bronze affordable care act plan ($10,000 deductible). The monthly premium will go to $628 per month. We may or may not be eligible for a medical tax credit to offset some, if any of this increase. The light at the end of the tunnel is that next year I will be able to go on Medicare, with a supplemental plan….

I find it hard to believe that we are in the minority and wonder how other families are able to absorb such extraordinary increases, let alone the major increases in deductibles. I have never felt that I was entitled to health care coverage and accepted that responsibility. It just seems that all of the health care providers, hospitals and insurance companies are positioning themselves to protect themselves and investors before the Affordable Care Act becomes law. Health care should be available and “affordable” without all the added hoops to jump through with the IRS. Can you imagine how much bigger, complicated, and expensive the accountability departments in our government will have to become to administer this cost saving action of reduced health care costs?

Marc Owenby

Reference: Everett Herald


The Beginning of the End of Obamacare?

Many Americans thought at the time of it’s passage, that it’s true complexity would actually be the end of Obamacare. Probably the biggest hint was when the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi emphatically told America “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

I remember back at the baseball games as a child that getting on first base was always top priority. A lot of guys would get to first (passage of Obamacare), then get thrown out later on 2nd or 3rd base. Well Obamacare cleared 2nd base when it was upheld by the US Supreme Court in 2012. It’s a long way however  from 2nd to home and a recent poll shows a clear majority of Americans worried about Obamacare.  Yesterday the Obama Administration announced the delay of implementing the employer mandate until 2015.  However, you and I are still required to purchase government approved healthcare by January 2014.  Watch the video and see the video transcription below.

Tucker: This is a Fox News alert. The white house house announced it will delay a key part of Obamacare. Earlier today the administration said it would push back the employer mandate until 2015, which in case you are keeping track is after the midterm election. Remember this is the part of the law that requires businesses who have fifty or more employees to provide health insurance for their workers or face a fine.

The Treasury Department released a statement explaining the decision. Is reads in part this way.

“We have heard concerns about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively. We recognize that the vast majority of businesses that will be need to do this reporting already provide health insurance their workers, and we want to make sure it’s easy for others to do. So we have listened to your feedback and we are taking action. The administration is announcing that it will provide an additional year before the Affordable Care Act mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin.” Mark J Mazur

But as for the individual mandate, the one that applies to you that remains in place now. Joining me now to explain what all of this means are from the American Center for Law and Justice Jordan Secular and Fox News contributor Joe Trippi.

Jordan this is an admission of defeat. When you have the administration saying basically our law the signature piece of legislation of the entire administration is so complex we don’t even understand it.

obamacareJordan: That’s right and we’ll bail out the corporations but will punish the individuals. The mandate still goes for you. Even though the whole idea here was that the employer mandate, that was the whole pay our fair share. Right,that was the shared cost of Obamacare that the employers would have some incentive to keep people on the insurance. Which is still the majority of the American people. uh… who this health insurance are on employer-provided care. Now that incentive is gone for a year but your individual mandate and the penalty that comes with it for you and your family that kicks in.

Tucker: I love this. Joe, so corporations get a pass but you don’t. This can’t stand can it?

Joe: No they don’t get a pass.  The Rand study showed that the employer mandate wasn’t really going to have much effect when it is in position. Because companies that employ over fifty people the United States already provide health care. A  large proportion already do it. So it was really is about the the reporting in the red tape that that was built into the system uh… to record it make sure they were doing it because the problem.

Tucker: This law past the years ago. It seems to me that they have been mindful of the political calendar from day one. The key parts of this all did not take effect until the reelect. Now this is on hold until after the midterm.Is that an accident? I don’t believe it.

Joe: I think what’s really good about it gives the Republicans one more reason to go, one more time to try to repeal Obama care. Let’s do it  thirty ninth. What  is it thirty eight times they’ve done it?

Tucker: But that’s the whole point. You can’t repeal a law until people feel the effects of it.

Jordan: Wait. They’re showing a slow walk.

Joe:  No it’s not.  It’s going in. The exchanges are going in as planned. The single pay… individual mandate is passing.

Jordan:  How outrageous is it that the individuals have to pay the mandate but the employers don’t? Isn’t that against everything you stand for?

Joe: No. Jordan I think you raised an important point. The whole reason the employer mandate was there was so that those companies that do provide health care couldn’t just dump their employees off of it. Now they  put it  and for a year. I’m very interested in how the administration can answer that that question. uh… Because I do think you raise an important point.That was indeed the only problem with it.

Tucker: Let me ask this question which is. you can’t look either of you look me straight in the eye and say that political considerations played no role in the implementation of the less popular part of this incredibly complex law.  So the administration comes out and says you can have health insurance now everything’s free. But the bad side, the bitter core of this law was delayed until after you got to vote for Obama again. That’s like not an accident. Correct Joe?

Jordan: Then we will see mass layoffs until after the midterm. This is the whole idea here , that it was a political move. There’s someone in  the administration off record reporting that  to reporters that had political considerations. The idea again we’re  playing politics with people’s health. But here we come the IRS and the individual mandate for me and no Treasury Department oversight of my employer.

Tucker: So again again   the Rand study said “(it’s independent, had nothing to do with right left or anything else) says that the employer mandate wasn’t going to have the any real effect on corporate behavior.

Tucker: If it didn’t matter why did they just suspend it?

Joe:  The reason, Jordan you hit on it. The reason , the only reason it was really the air is to prevent companies that do provide it from dumping their employees off. Your now saying they are going to do that. I’m not sure that’s going to happen.


Jordan: So what I’m getting at is this Joe. If that is the way… they will kind of like this because they will have to have a single-payer system which is what Obama really wanted and he even said if we didn’t rely so much in 2008 on employer-provided care of course we’d want to go with a single-payer system. But we can’t do that because the employers and now we’re going to show people guess why can’t trust your employer. We will waive them for a year. Now you have to pay penalties. How about  just we do a single  payer system.

Joe:  That’s not a bad idea. That’s not a bad idea at all.

Tucker: Very quickly Answer this question very quickly. There have been in number of employers who’ve been granted waivers to Obama care. Now we can find out how many because HHS has stop was in that information outrageously. Do you think any individuals have been granted waivers? I know businesses have.  Big businesses have been granted waivers but has any individual gotten that?

Joe:  I doubt it. Well first of all I don’t think thats uh… I don’t know what, I don’t think so.  I’d love to work on time right

Tucker:  Of course not. So this administration is supposed to be standing up for the little guy instead of doing the bidding of business. The answer is no. I’d bet my car on it. I don’t actually have the data but I bet you anything. Gentlemen thank very much.

Joe:  I don’t know if anybody has asked for a waiver.

Tucker: Well I’d sure like one. I’m officially asking for one right now.  Please give me a waiver. Thank you both.

In summary

Will ObamaCare Affect the American People?

Obama Healthcare in 2014As we all know the closer 2014 approaches the more we are finding all the little loopholes in the new Government Health Care Plan that will put into effect.  While there are still many portions of it that I feel will be contested, there are some very proven facts that we do know and some we don’t know.  We do know that as of November 2012 and with Barack Obama being re-elected as President, Obama Care will stay in effect, but will it work?

Will Centralized Health Care Work?

While the idea of centralized Health Care is not a bad idea and it has proven results in many countries around the world, what is wrong is that we are now stuck with a plan that will hurt us economically, emotionally, and is very complex, confusing, and unfair. Many Americans with insurance are wondering, Can I keep my current health insurance plan?

There are predictions that this Health Care Plan will turn into the biggest tax hike this country has seen, while at the same time it will penalize people who need the plan the most.  As the U.S. government scrambles to creatively find the money to fund this plan it is expected that we will feel the effect with higher taxes and cuts in federally funded health care services already in effect.

What You May Not Know About Obamacare

While we did know that the new plan would insure all those that have pre-existing medical conditions, the under-insured, and those that already had insurance in effect through their employers; What we didn’t know was that every citizen would be forced to purchase insurance or be penalized.  What we didn’t know was the officials of the Federal government have exempted themselves from the Plan.  What we didn’t know was that thousands of new government employees would be hired to go after those who don’t have insurance.  What we didn’t know was the Plan would be full of new taxes and penalties aimed directly at we the consumer, especially the Middle class – the Medical Device Manufacturing tax, The High Medical Bills tax, A Flexible Spending Cap, A surtax on Investment Income, and a Medicare Payroll Tax increase.  What we didn’t know was that Medicare would be hit with a $760 billion dollar loss of monies that support their beneficiaries to help fund the Plan, with no plans by the Government to pay it back.

Is Obama Care Here to Stay?

Bottom line, we are stuck with the Obama Care Health Care Plan, it won’t go away.  How it will affect us individually and collectively as consumers and citizens will change day-to-day as everyone involved and the lawsuits before the Supreme Court are decided and a final plan of action takes affect.  However, if and when it is implemented, the Plan does put over one half of all Americans on a government program and our country’s history of government-run programs is one of bankruptcy and failure.  Does this alarm you?  Does this make you aware that you and I, the American consumer are going to pay dearly? Does this make you concerned about the cost of healthcare? It should!


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Branding Yourself and Your Healthcare Company

Bill and SunAe Simms

Bill & SunAe Juneau, AK 2005 Top Producer Cruise

Back in September 1998 internet marketing was in it’s early stages. Google was just getting started and Bill Simms had been marketing dental benefits for four months with a 6 yr old Texas company named AmeriPlan. The AmeriPlan Dental Plan was only $15  a month for the entire family and at the time the top market for selling the plan was Miami.

Labor day was over and the fall season was fast approaching on Saturday Sept 26th of that year when Bill and his wife SunAe attending a special event in Everett Wa at the AmeriPlan Regional Office. One of the top leaders in AmeriPlan had flown up from Miami to share with a group of IBOs in Washington State, just how the folks in Miami had cornered the market with AmeriPlan Dental. During his presentation two words stood out and were repeated often. The speaker told of how down in Miami they presented AmeriPlan as an Affordable Benefits package. At the time AmeriPlan offered prescription and vision care with the with their plan, so it was and still is much more than just a dental plan.

The Making of Affordable Benefits

Bill and SunAe walked away from that event determined more than ever to have success in AmeriPlan. Two words that Bill could not get out of his head were “Affordable Benefits”. Bill had purchased a few domains before but none of them sounded as good as those two words together. On Monday Bill was excited to find out that AffordableBenefits.com had not been registered. At the time if an IBO had a website, they had to create if for themselves. So Bill went to work creating a website that and mailing out brochures across the country. E-commerce websites with AmeriPlan would not come until March 2001.

Since 1998 Bill and SunAe have been promoted to National Sales Directors and have won 7 Top Producer Trips with AmeriPlan. Bill has continued to expand his internet presence and in 2011 Bill and SunAe combined their Internet marketing business with  AmeriPlan  to create Quote Guy Marketing Inc.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

If you are in business it does not matter if you are an affiliate, network marketer or corporation. What matters most is that you have a unique  presence on the Internet with a website that provides quality content to visitors. Replicated websites are great as they give the masses a tool to use in their business. But if you ever want to get your name on the front page of the search engines you must have your own domain name and website for your business.

Find the Right Domain Name

Finding the right domain name is important. Dotcoms are preferred but in 2012 many tow or three word domains are already taken.  Here are some things to consider and ways to find the right name.

  • Do some brainstorming and write down some words that people would associate with your business.
  • Do you want to brand yourself  or your product?
  • Search online and discover names that are available. eg Godaddy.com
  • Find expiring domain names. www.domaintools.com/buy/dropping-names
  • Get domains at auction. https://auctions.godaddy.com

Keep Busy and Success will Follow

Having your own business can be considerable work. You can start off part time  and go full time when the income allows it. Even if you are not ready to build a website today, it is work it to grab up a name for your business and get a simple page that can be indexed ion the search engines. Be consistent in your work habits and your efforts will help you climb the ladder of success one step at a time.

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