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Branding Yourself and Your Healthcare Company

Bill and SunAe Simms

Bill & SunAe Juneau, AK 2005 Top Producer Cruise

Back in September 1998 internet marketing was in it’s early stages. Google was just getting started and Bill Simms had been marketing dental benefits for four months with a 6 yr old Texas company named AmeriPlan. The AmeriPlan Dental Plan was only $15  a month for the entire family and at the time the top market for selling the plan was Miami.

Labor day was over and the fall season was fast approaching on Saturday Sept 26th of that year when Bill and his wife SunAe attending a special event in Everett Wa at the AmeriPlan Regional Office. One of the top leaders in AmeriPlan had flown up from Miami to share with a group of IBOs in Washington State, just how the folks in Miami had cornered the market with AmeriPlan Dental. During his presentation two words stood out and were repeated often. The speaker told of how down in Miami they presented AmeriPlan as an Affordable Benefits package. At the time AmeriPlan offered prescription and vision care with the with their plan, so it was and still is much more than just a dental plan.

The Making of Affordable Benefits

Bill and SunAe walked away from that event determined more than ever to have success in AmeriPlan. Two words that Bill could not get out of his head were “Affordable Benefits”. Bill had purchased a few domains before but none of them sounded as good as those two words together. On Monday Bill was excited to find out that AffordableBenefits.com had not been registered. At the time if an IBO had a website, they had to create if for themselves. So Bill went to work creating a website that and mailing out brochures across the country. E-commerce websites with AmeriPlan would not come until March 2001.

Since 1998 Bill and SunAe have been promoted to National Sales Directors and have won 7 Top Producer Trips with AmeriPlan. Bill has continued to expand his internet presence and in 2011 Bill and SunAe combined their Internet marketing business with  AmeriPlan  to create Quote Guy Marketing Inc.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

If you are in business it does not matter if you are an affiliate, network marketer or corporation. What matters most is that you have a unique  presence on the Internet with a website that provides quality content to visitors. Replicated websites are great as they give the masses a tool to use in their business. But if you ever want to get your name on the front page of the search engines you must have your own domain name and website for your business.

Find the Right Domain Name

Finding the right domain name is important. Dotcoms are preferred but in 2012 many tow or three word domains are already taken.  Here are some things to consider and ways to find the right name.

  • Do some brainstorming and write down some words that people would associate with your business.
  • Do you want to brand yourself  or your product?
  • Search online and discover names that are available. eg Godaddy.com
  • Find expiring domain names. www.domaintools.com/buy/dropping-names
  • Get domains at auction. https://auctions.godaddy.com

Keep Busy and Success will Follow

Having your own business can be considerable work. You can start off part time  and go full time when the income allows it. Even if you are not ready to build a website today, it is work it to grab up a name for your business and get a simple page that can be indexed ion the search engines. Be consistent in your work habits and your efforts will help you climb the ladder of success one step at a time.

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About Author Bill Simms (8 Posts)

Bill Simms is the President and CEO of Quote Guy Marketing Inc. After a 21 year federal career, Bill began marketing health and dental benefits online. Today his company owns a network of websites that provide benefits online in the USA.



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