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Can I Keep My Current Health Insurance?

Can I Keep My Health Insurance?The Affordable Health Care Act is scheduled to be implemented in 2014 . The question “Can I Keep My Current Health Insurance?” is often wondered about these days. The Affordable Health Insurance Act that was passed in 2010, set in motion reorganizations and restructuring that has been desired by some but been fought against by many Americans, the health care sector and the insurance industry.

Often called Obamacare, the health care act  was passed to give the government the mandate to reform and improve the health care system. The purpose of the act is to strengthen and expand the coverage to un-insured Americans. The Act outlines all-inclusive improvements that increase the accessibility of the health coverage for every person in America and protects people from abusive practices by insurance companies. The Act additionally attempts to ensure that all Americans regardless of the color, sex, income level or ethnicity to make choices that best suits them while ensuring access to health care, keeping low the costs of insurance and enhancing the quality of care.

Keeping Your Current Health Insurance

This brings us to the question: Can I keep my current health insurance?
As you will see in the video below, Americans were promised that they would be able to keep  their current health care plan. Only time will tell if what was promised is actually delivered. Just recently the Huffington Post reported that Walmart eliminated health insurance for new part time employees and is considering eliminating health care coverage for certain workers if their average work week dips below 30 hours. The article was refuted by Wal-Mart spokesperson Randy Hargrove who said the HuffPo’s story was “riddled with inaccuracies”… read more.

No doubt this story is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changes in employee health care plans. So what are the intentions of the affordable health care act when passed and will those intentions be realized?

  •   The current act removes all barriers that were used by insurance companies to deny people insurance coverage. For instance, pre-existing conditions in children can get insurance cover whereas the old health care will deny the coverage.
  • Insurance Companies will not be allowed to drop people from coverage when they fall sick and they will not implement lifetime coverage caps. The act ensures equal access to health care system to all Americans
  • The costs of the new health coverage  should be more affordable for all America
  • The act outlaws salary discrimination thus prohibiting eligibility rules for the coverage of the health care system in favor of employees with high salaries
  • States will be funded by the federal government to assist  in establishing offices for filing complaints and making appeals on the decisions of the insurance companies.

Can the President Keep His Promise?

President Obama advised Americans that “If you like your current insurance, you will keep your current insurance. No government takeover, nobody is changing what you got if you’re happy with it.” What is supposed to change are the costs of the health coverage and the scope of coverage.

The new act preserves the following acts for the patient:

  • Patients are empowered in the new act in choosing the doctor they want from the selected plan network
  • There will be no limits on lifetime coverage. For instance people with chronic ailments like cancer will be covered. Under the new act, insurers cannot place limits on lifetime dollar limits on the benefits of the essential health.
  • In the event you make a mistake on your application, insurance companies can no longer drop your coverage.

In summary it may be too soon to tell if most Americans will be able to keep their current health care insurance. But time will tell. It seems that more Americans disapprove of the health care act than favor it.

“Fifty percent (50%) of Likely U.S. Voters favor repeal of President Obama’s national health care law, while 44% are opposed to repeal, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. “ rasmussen poll on health care

Has the Affordable Health Care Act  been responsible for you or anyone you know losing health care benefits? Let us know in the comment section below.
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