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Health Benefits Network

Being able to enjoy a Health Benefits Network can help to extend the lives of both men and  women. Lack of health insurance benefits can often lead to individuals avoiding the Doctor, unless there is an extreme medical emergency. Over the past decade more and more employees are finding themselves on the short end of ladder when it come to employer provided health insurance. What is the best solution when your employer does not join a Health Benefits Network  and offer benefits to employees? Here are some solutions we discuss below.

Finding a Health Benefits Network

Health Benefits Network

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Without an employer based health benefits program at work, it is up to the individual to seek out some kind of  affordable medical insurance. There are laws that govern the issuance of health insurance and those laws differ in each state. Because of that, it is important to go through a qualified insurance agent that is licensed to sell health insurance  in your state. You find licensed insurance agents and insurance companies that are approved for your state in the online medical insurance directory.

The Decline in Employee Health Benefits

As we mentioned at the start of this article employer based health benefits networks have been in decline over the past decade. The cost of health insurance is certainly on of the major reasons for less employees being covered on the job. Here are a few recent articles we referenced in preparing this article.

Ranks of uninsured grow as employers drop coverage. HeraldNet. By Michelle Singletary Syndicated Columnist We know that most people get their health insurance coverage through their jobs or through a family member’s employer. But a report just released by the nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute found and more.… Ranks of uninsured grow as employers drop coverage HeraldNet

The percentage of the population with employment-based health benefits has been declining, most recently due to the 2007–2009 recession. The percentage of individuals under age 65 with employment-based health benefits fell from 62.4 percent in 2008 to 58.7 percent in 2010, and the percentage of workers with coverage.… Employment-Based Health Benefits Trends in Access and Coverage

Discount Health Benefits Network

Youtube video of Ameriplan: Texas Based AmeriPlan offers Americans access to it discount health benefits network, that is most US States. It’s health program is not insurance, but provides large discounts for it’s members when seeing the Doctor or Dentist.  Find out more about the AmeriPlan USA health benefits.




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Bill Simms is the President and CEO of Quote Guy Marketing Inc. After a 21 year federal career, Bill began marketing health and dental benefits online. Today his company owns a network of websites that provide benefits online in the USA.



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