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Will ObamaCare Affect the American People?

Obama Healthcare in 2014As we all know the closer 2014 approaches the more we are finding all the little loopholes in the new Government Health Care Plan that will put into effect.  While there are still many portions of it that I feel will be contested, there are some very proven facts that we do know and some we don’t know.  We do know that as of November 2012 and with Barack Obama being re-elected as President, Obama Care will stay in effect, but will it work?

Will Centralized Health Care Work?

While the idea of centralized Health Care is not a bad idea and it has proven results in many countries around the world, what is wrong is that we are now stuck with a plan that will hurt us economically, emotionally, and is very complex, confusing, and unfair. Many Americans with insurance are wondering, Can I keep my current health insurance plan?

There are predictions that this Health Care Plan will turn into the biggest tax hike this country has seen, while at the same time it will penalize people who need the plan the most.  As the U.S. government scrambles to creatively find the money to fund this plan it is expected that we will feel the effect with higher taxes and cuts in federally funded health care services already in effect.

What You May Not Know About Obamacare

While we did know that the new plan would insure all those that have pre-existing medical conditions, the under-insured, and those that already had insurance in effect through their employers; What we didn’t know was that every citizen would be forced to purchase insurance or be penalized.  What we didn’t know was the officials of the Federal government have exempted themselves from the Plan.  What we didn’t know was that thousands of new government employees would be hired to go after those who don’t have insurance.  What we didn’t know was the Plan would be full of new taxes and penalties aimed directly at we the consumer, especially the Middle class – the Medical Device Manufacturing tax, The High Medical Bills tax, A Flexible Spending Cap, A surtax on Investment Income, and a Medicare Payroll Tax increase.  What we didn’t know was that Medicare would be hit with a $760 billion dollar loss of monies that support their beneficiaries to help fund the Plan, with no plans by the Government to pay it back.

Is Obama Care Here to Stay?

Bottom line, we are stuck with the Obama Care Health Care Plan, it won’t go away.  How it will affect us individually and collectively as consumers and citizens will change day-to-day as everyone involved and the lawsuits before the Supreme Court are decided and a final plan of action takes affect.  However, if and when it is implemented, the Plan does put over one half of all Americans on a government program and our country’s history of government-run programs is one of bankruptcy and failure.  Does this alarm you?  Does this make you aware that you and I, the American consumer are going to pay dearly? Does this make you concerned about the cost of healthcare? It should!


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